ExxonMobil™ homopolymer (hPP), impact copolymer (ICP) and random copolymer (RCP) polypropylene (PP) resins are designed for high performance, affordability and high quality across a range of industries.

Our portfolio of grades helps drive customer success by providing:

  • A range of melt flow rates (MFR) and improved cycle time
  • Ease of processing and improved manufacturing efficiencies
  • Part weight reduction opportunities
  • Excellent product performance
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Potential sustainability benefits, such as the lightweighting of components and scrap recycling opportunities within the manufacturing stream

We also collaborate with customers on new product developments and provide them with reliable development, technical support, design assistance, and standards compliance. We can help companies achieve their unique development goals and accelerate delivery to market.

Customer testimonials

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From neat to compound applications, we have PP resin grades that can offer low weight, excellent durability and processability.


Excellent durability and consumer appeal of large and small home appliances.

Rigid packaging

Lightweighting and excellent durability for a range of packaging products.

Material handling

Outstanding durability and appearance of pallets, totes and crates.


Excellent strength, barrier, softness and drapability performance in spunbond and meltblown applications.

Healthcare and medical devices

PP resin grades specifically designed for medical devices, labware, device and drug packaging, and delivery systems.

Consumer and industrial products

Benefit from quality performance that can meet your demands while potentially enabling cost-saving opportunities.