Exceed™ XP performance polymers, when eXtreme Performance matters

Exceed XP provides eXtreme Performance for many highly demanding applications.

Exceed XP — setting a new benchmark
Exceed XP allows converters to develop new-to-the-world film and liner solutions. Formulations can be designed to provide a balance of eXtreme Performance and processability, while helping to manage costs through to the end-user. There is also potential to deliver coextrusion performance in a monolayer structure. Exceed XP grades can be selected to provide unprecedented performance with:

  • Extreme flex-crack and dart impact resistance
  • Exceptional aged property retention
  • Outstanding machine direction (MD) tear strength
  • Excellent melt strength
  • Enhanced flexibility and sealability
  • Controlled shrink and holding force

Film converters can benefit from processing efficiency due to:

  • Film consistency which can reduce machine-run stoppages for potentially higher output
  • Maintained film stiffness at lower densities
  • Bubble stability
  • Shorter machine runs, if required, with easier flow for less energy use

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Liquid packaging bag-in-box

Protecting and preserving liquids with extremely damage-resistant packaging or liners that mitigate the risk of flex-crack pinholes during production, handling and utilization.

K-Show little girl holding carrots packaging

Protecting and preserving food products with extremely damage-resistant packaging that can withstand the most demanding environments such as freezers.

K-Show Exceed Soft Shrink for performance polymers

Protecting delicate and irregularly-shaped products with high integrity shrink film for wrap, overwrap and bundle packaging solutions – from manufacture to end use.


Protecting and growing fruits, vegetables and flowers with extremely damage-resistant large lay-flat greenhouse and walk-in tunnel cover films throughout the year.

Class-A construction liner workers

Protecting and preserving structures with extremely damage-resistant construction liners for potential improved energy efficiency and safety.

Agricultural silage film farmer

Protecting and preserving harvest crops with high integrity film – for indoor and outdoor storage.