Exceed XP for greenhouse and tunnel cover film

Exceed™ XP performance polymers produce extremely damage resistant, large lay-flat films which are used by farmers to protect and grow their fruits, vegetables and flowers – throughout the year.

When eXtreme Performance matters use Exceed XP performance polymers

Film integrity
Greenhouse and walk-in tunnel cover films, which are typically 80-220μm thick and up to 20m wide, fabricated with Exceed XP exhibit exceptional toughness with very high dart impact, puncture resistance, and tensile strength. Providing excellent aged property retention for long lasting, durable solutions, they will withstand the rigors of installation and varied environmental conditions, including harsh weather.

Innovation opportunities
The toughness of Exceed XP allows converters to fabricate films with extreme performance or to reduce film thickness, while maintaining performance. EVA and non-EVA film formulations can be easily tailored for seasonal requirements and for special applications and climate conditions. With a broad operating window on a variety of extrusion equipment configurations, Exceed XP can withstand fluctuating manufacturing conditions, while greater bubble stability promotes ease of processing for worry-free operations.

Cost optimization
The bubble stability and ease of extrusion provided by Exceed XP can help to optimize solutions and deliver opportunities for high output. Designed to replace LLDPE/LDPE blends, Exceed XP reduces the number of resins that need to be sourced for lower inventory costs. Blending complexity is also minimized, reducing the risk of costly errors and extrusion at lower melt temperatures for additional potential energy efficiency opportunities.

Exceed XP offers a new performance benchmark for extremely damage resistant films