Food packaging freezer film

Food packaging film

Exceed™ XP performance polymers produce extremely damage resistant films to create high-integrity food packaging that is essential to protect and preserve the integrity of the food products people buy – from production to consumption.

When eXtreme Performance matters use Exceed XP performance polymers

High integrity packages
Films made with Exceed XP exhibit the exceptional toughness, very high dart impact, aged property retention and sealability including low seal initiation temperature and broad hot-tack range. That makes them ideal for food packaging, including pouches and bags, which need to withstand demanding environments, like freezers, or be capable of holding large quantities or heavy contents. This includes packaging for frozen food, dry food, and meat and cheese applications. The extreme durability of these solutions, compared to market reference films, offers downgauging opportunities for lower material use, while protecting food and minimizing waste.

Innovation opportunities
Providing film structures that deliver eXtreme Performance, while also providing the possibility to downgauge, allows brand owners to innovate new food packaging solutions. Using Exceed XP eliminates the need for melt strength enhancers which may deteriorate the film’s performance properties. This creates opportunities for converters to improve the performance of mono-layer extrusion structures, while allowing downgauging.


Cost optimization
Converters can increase output and optimize film formulations. A range of options for bubble stability and ease of extrusion are available to optimize solutions and deliver opportunities for high output. The extreme toughness and melt strength allows for downgauging, and for film formulations to be tailored through linear polyethylene blends. The performance and processing capabilities and the high versatility of this Exceed XP portfolio can allow converters to simplify their inventories which may lower costs.

Extreme performance rugby player

Exceed XP offers a new performance benchmark for extremely damage resistant films.