new success

New success

Vistamaxx™ performance polymers have helped many companies achieve new levels of product performance and manufacturing efficiency.

Here are a few examples of how companies have used the innovation potential of Vistamaxx polymers to open new possibilities for their business:

Diapers and Pacifier

Chinese nonwoven fabric manufacturer creates new differentiated ultra-soft fabric.


Improving the performance and appearance of plastic stationery products

Color masterbatch pellets

Indian masterbatch manufacturer grows business outside their domestic market through differentiated, high-quality products.


Treofan simplifies the laminate structure and boosts the sealing performance of BOPP films.


Producer of modified plastics reduces production costs for filler masterbatch by almost 10% while raising calcium carbonate loading with Vistamaxx polymers.


Plastic pallet manufacturer expects to generate new business now it is using Vistamaxx polymers to improve recyclate compatibility and optimize impact strength.


Polyfil chose Vistamaxx polymers as carrier resins to help speed up throughput and lower production costs and energy usage in foamed PP sheet manufacture.


Leading producer of plastic paint pails improves impact strength and aesthetics by adding Vistamaxx polymers to their ICP PP formulation.


Manufacturer achieves new levels of softness and durability for great consumer appeal in synthetic leathers.


Improve impact resistance and breaking elongation of natural fiber compound materials with Vistamaxx polymers.


Vistamaxx polymers helps one company achieve greater consumer appeal while offering better product protection.

shoe insoles

nora systems based its new closed-cell foam on Vistamaxx polymers to improve cushioning and damping performance in shoe insoles.


Toy manufacturer reaches new level of performance with no added costs or modifications.


Vistamaxx polymers help to improve flexibility and effective load stability in stretch hood films at lower formulation costs.


Vistamaxx polymers help to improve filler masterbatch products by increasing performance and lowering costs.

Vistamaxx lisi Product sample: food container

Using Vistamaxx polymers can help improve the impact strength of food containers made from random copolymer polypropylene (RCP), while providing better lid hinge flexibility and maintaining clarity


Stronger drink bottles with Vistamaxx polymers

Product Sample- Foaming Products

Vistamaxx polymers used as a new foaming material provides balanced performance and cost efficiencies

flexible, stronger comb cover using Vistamaxx

Manufacturers can create personal care products that are durable and easier to use

blue garbage bags

Improved film performance and processing benefits for garbage films with Vistamaxx polymer-based masterbatch