Exceed™ and Enable™ mPE resins for silage stretch films with excellent tear and puncture resistance 
Exceed™ and Enable™ metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins can improve mechanical properties for silage films, providing excellent tear and puncture resistance.
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Help farmers protect and grow their fruits, vegetables and flowers using eXtreme Performance films 
Exceed™ XP performance polymers offer a new benchmark for greenhouse and walk-in tunnel cover solutions that require eXtreme Performance. This portfolio of products offers solutions to fabricate extre
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Help farmers protect their harvests using eXtreme Performance agricultural film 
Exceed™ XP performance polymers offer a new benchmark for thinner agricultural blown film solutions that require eXtreme Performance.
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Stronger geomembrane solutions help provide advanced performance for tough load applications 
Enable™ 4002 performance polymer provides outstanding mechanical properties, environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) and processability for geomembrane films. The unique properties of Enable 4002
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Yuxi Yuri Plastic manufactures agricultural mulch film with better aging properties 
Yunnan Yuxi Xuri Plastic Co. Ltd. is a leading and highly recognized innovative film convertor based in South West China. They discovered that by using Enable™ metallocene polyethylene resin (mPE) fro
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