LLDPE resins for blown and cast film

LLDPE resins, prepared with conventional catalysts, are versatile and cost-effective for a wide range of flexible film applications in both blown and cast film operations.

LLDPE can also be used in high performance structures with Exceed™  and Enable™ performance polymers to reduce cost.

A number of grades serve a variety of applications, including stretch films, flexible packaging, electrical, automotive compounding and housewares.

Lower-density grades offer a good balance of flexibility and impact strength, while the higher-density grades feature higher film stiffness for better packaging-machine performance.

A small series of super hexene copolymer LLDPE resins are especially well suited for institutional, consumer and industrial liners. These advanced LLDPE resins allow converters to downgauge liners by as much as 15% to 25% without sacrificing strength.