HDPE resins for extrusion

Plastic shopping bags

ExxonMobil Chemical HDPE resins are linear polyethylenes that bring high levels of stiffness to film. The high-molecular-weight grade, with high film strength and consistent quality, is widely used for applications such as grocery, garbage and deep-freeze bags (10 to 25 microns).

Processing advantages include:

  • Extruded blown film resins offer good processability and inherent stiffness and toughness.
  • Injection molding resins have an excellent balance of toughness and stiffness and are resistant to environmental stress cracking, elevated temperatures and warping.
  • Blow molding resins are designed for small and medium-sized bottles and containers and offer an excellent compromise of processability and performance.

Some grades can be blended or co-extruded with Exceed™ mPE resins on skin layers to produce stiff films with good clarity and toughness that are tailored for lamination film and bread bags.

ExxonMobil Chemical has designed film resin formulations to help support the fast-growing and demanding collation shrink packaging industry – from tough utility bundling to high-end retail multipacks.

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Bundling and multipack collation shrink films using Exceed mPE resin , Enable™ mPE resin and Nexxstar™ HDPE resin formulations combine outstanding package integrity, economic advantage and packaging-line reliability with high clarity, gloss and enhanced print quality.

ExxonMobil™ HDPE resin grades and data sheets