Enable™ performance polymers

Enable™ performance polymer is based on a single unique resin that delivers an unprecedented combination of film processing and higher alpha olefin (HAO) performance benefits. Enable performance polymer can deliver:

  • Operational stability 
  • Extended output 
  • Downgauging potential 
  • Versatility with higher HAO performance 
  • Resin sourcing simplicity 

Converters can achieve more stable operations, improved output, downgauging opportunities and simpler polymer sourcing. With a broad operating window on both LLDPE and LDPE film equipment, Enable performance polymer can withstand changes in manufacturing conditions and still provide superior results to LLDPE/LDPE resin blends.

As a multifunctional polymer, Enable performance polymer can deliver value on multilayer blown-film lines, cast film lines, and on monolayer blown-film lines. Enable performance polymer also contributes to sustainability of flexible film formulations.

Enable 4002 performance polymer provides new levels of stiffness, and tensile strength along with high holding force for better collation shrink film performance that allows you to create thinner, stronger secondary packaging solutions. The result is exceptionally tight bundling, keeping packaged goods secure, from packaging to consumer.

For compression packaging films, Enable 4002 delivers an outstanding combination of stiffness, toughness, optical properties and excellent machinability. This allows the creation of thinner, stronger films – compared to current market alternatives – that ensure product quality and integrity through to the consumer.

For geomembrane films, Enable 4002 offers outstanding mechanical properties and environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) and processability. This allows the production of strong films for geomembrane solutions with high durability and excellent puncture resistance. Converters can improve output and processing consistency for large bubble sizes, compared to current market alternatives.

A proven grade for tough, high-clarity films – Enable™ 3505 – can extend significant downgauging opportunities, with robust and straightforward processing on LLDPE and LDPE film equipment.

Exceed™ and Enable performance polymers are a leading portfolio made with a unique molecular architecture to help meet evolving market needs. Enable and Exceed blends offer high-performance formulations for many demanding processing and film applications.

Enable mPE collation shrink - silver cans overlay on clear film

Thinner, stronger films for exceptionally tight bundling


Strong films for high durability and excellent puncture resistance


Thinner, stronger films for product quality and integrity

Shrink film with pallet overlay

Enable™ performance polymer provides optimal package integrity, economic advantage through downgauging opportunities and packaging-line reliability.

High throughput film shown with salad greens

Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polymer promote outstanding, high-clarity packaging films at high throughput rates.

Cast stretch hand wrap film being unrolled

Enable™ performance polymer meets market needs with improved performance and the ability to reduce film gauge.

Colorful, stand-up pouches

Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polymer are ideal for tough packaging films featuring very high clarity.

Greenhouse film with tomatoes overlay

Enable™ performance polymer offers the optimal combination of film processing and higher alpha olefin (HAO) performance benefits.

Enable mPE medium to heavy duty bag

Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polymer-based film formulations offer significant advantages for the high-speed production of medium- to heavy-duty sacks.

Exceed mPE film with knife point

Produce flexible film mechanical strength, sealing performance and opportunities for film-line output improvements.