performance advantages

Blended into homopolymer polypropylene of the core layer of a three-layer BOPP film, Oppera™ modifiers deliver a unique combination of six film performance improvements.

How it works

See how Oppera™ modifiers improve PP film performance.

Protective Moisture Barrier

Better moisture and oxygen barrier protection improve shelf life and product freshness.

Oppera shrink capability

Increasing film shrink and allowing tight overwrap.

Oppera improved twist retention

Combined with greater stiffness, Oppera offers excellent candy wrap performance and improved deadfold characteristics.

BOPP Film Transparency

Enhanced optical properties with lower haze, more clarity and improved gloss characteristics.

Oppera for BOPP Film Seal Strength

Lower-temperature seal for faster line operating speeds, energy efficiency and less heat degradation of films.

Improved stiffness with Oppera

Increased stiffness and elongation at break brings downgauging opportunities and benefits in numerous applications, including overwrap films.