MTDP-3 (toluene disproportionation)

Ethyl benzene plant

A new ZSM-5 catalyst formulation that’s highly selective and stable is the heart of the MTDP-3sm (toluene disproportionation) process. It’s designed to process toluene and limited amounts of C9 aromatics, and can allow for inexpensive debottlenecking of existing toluene disproportionation (TDP) facilities.

The MTDP-3 process also allows for the production of more high-value mixed xylenes and benzene at less cost. As part of an MTDP-3 license, ExxonMobil Chemical provides full support for licensees from initial consultation through technology transfer and ongoing improvements. 

Companies licensing the MTDP-3 process, ExxonMobil’s third-generation TDP technology, have included retrofits as well as start-ups. All have experienced MTDP-3’s exceptional catalyst stability, with first cycle lengths typically in excess of seven years.

MTDP-3 advantages

  • Lower costs/debottlenecks
  • Easy retrofits
  • High-purity benzene co-product
  • Simple fixed-bed process