Varsol™ fluids

Varsol fluids are traditional solvents that are also known as mineral spirits or white spirits. These fluids have been widely used in industry for decades, developed to replace kerosene in solvent applications. 

Varsol solvents provide the advantage of controlled narrow boiling ranges compared with wide distillation kerosene products. In addition they do not contain significant amounts of sulfur compounds. This leads to an improved quality consistency versus kerosene products for predictable process performance.

With the recent stricter regulations, Varsol fluids have been increasingly replaced by the dearomatized Exxsol™ D product family, which includes products of equivalent properties while also offering improved health, safety, environment and comfort characteristics.

  • 12 grades
  • Carbon number distribution: C5-C20

  • Safe-use advice
  • Formulation upgrades

Through all stages: from design and manufacturing to product use and disposal