Exx-Wash™ process oil

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Lighter ethylene cracking feeds lead to increased fouling problems. Gas crackers specifically face fouling issues due to the low volume of heavier aromatic fluids formed during cracking. Furthermore, increased ethylene production from ethane results in fewer internal heavy streams available for use as a wash oil. Heavy aromatic fluids have a proven track record as effective compressor wash oils but have at times faced supply and availability challenges.

ExxonMobil Chemical has a solution to meet your needs: Exx-Wash, a newly developed portfolio of tailored wash oils.
Exx-Wash process oil is specifically designed to deliver an array of benefits for olefins manufacturers:

  • Offers efficient cleaning due to strong solvency
  • Provides a portfolio of products with a variety of boiling ranges to accommodate your specific operating conditions
  • Minimizes corrosion and fouling due to very low sulfur levels and low heavies content
  • Delivers consistent quality for process gas compressor operability and reliability optimization

Typical key properties

UnitTest Method
Aromatic Content>99 >99vol%GC1
  87 vol%ASTM D2425
Mixed Aniline Point152814°CASTM D611
KB Value959397-ASTM D1133
Flash Point6871107°CASTM D93A
Initial Boiling Point183179231°CASTM D86
Final Boiling Point209274287°CASTM D86

In addition to acting as a solvent to remove foulants and clean process gas compressors, Exx-Wash process oils can be used for propane dehydrogenation or other dehydrogenation technologies in the cleaning of heat exchangers. Exx-Wash can also be used as quench oils in naphtha crackers.