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Exx-Print™ hydrocarbon fluids

Exx-Print hydrocarbon fluids in printing ink formulations help printers achieve fast cycle times and quality reproduction. Used to formulate inks for offset printing processes including heat set (web feed) and quick set (sheet feed), Exx-Print fluids can also help printers avoid costly disruptions.

Exx-Print fluids are tailored to the solvency and boiling range requirements of ink formulations. Aniline points hinder the over-transfer of inks, resulting in sharp letters and characters.

Advantages with Exx-Print fluids

  • Optimum control of the ink formulation process
  • Finished inks that perform consistently on the press
  • Evolving grade portfolio to meet paper quality changes  
  • >15 grades 
  • Carbon distribution: C12-C20
  • Tailored to specific aniline points

  • Safe-use advice
  • Formulation upgrade
  • Product quality follow-up

Through all stages: from design, manufacturing to product use and disposal