Escaid™ hydrocarbon fluids

Applying knowledge accumulated over a long history in oil and gas exploration and production, ExxonMobil Chemical has developed a range of Escaid™ fluids specifically designed for drilling mud applications. These fluids have also been proven well-suited for solvent extraction processes for metals such as copper and nickel.p>

For drilling mud formulations, Escaid fluids deliver performance advantages under the most challenging conditions. Each Escaid grade features distinct characteristics that address unique requirements:

  • Escaid 110 – A very low viscosity fluid (around 1.7 cSt at 40°C/104°F) that serves as a premier product for drilling fluids in deepwater and extended reach applications
  • Escaid 115 – Low viscosity fluid (around 2.1 cSt at 40°C/104°F) with a higher flashpoint that fits high-temperature drilling conditions
  • Escaid 120 – Offers the advantage of an even higher flash point (above 100°C/212°F), low
  • evaporation losses and a viscosity that is just right for many environments
  • Escaid 120 ULA – Provides the same benefits of Escaid 120 but with even lower aromatic content

Proprietary hydrogenation catalyst technology helped create the ultra-low aromatic (ULA) grade, with an aromatic content below 0.01 wt%. Escaid 120 ULA fluid meets or exceeds increasingly stringent requirements, and demonstrates very low human and aquatic toxicity levels.


Escaid™ PathFrac™
fluid for improved operations

  • 4 grades
  • Ultra-low aromatic grade
  • Carbon number distribution: C11-C16
  • Low aromatic and ultra low aromatic grades
  • Low and very low viscosity

  • Safe-use advice
  • Formulation upgrade
  • Product quality follow-up

Through all stages: design, manufacturing, product use, disposal