Exact™ plastomers

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Exact plastomers are ethylene alpha olefin copolymers that bridge the gap between elastomers and plastics, with rubber-like properties and the processability of plastic. Used as polymer modifiers, they provide unique properties in:

  • Flexible packaging – enhancing toughness, clarity and sealing performance
  • Molded and extruded products – improving impact strength and flexibility
  • Foamed compounds – adding durability to lightweight shoe midsoles

Strong, breathable, puncture-resistant films made with Exact plastomers have low seal-initiation temperature and excellent hot tack strength for higher speed form-fill-seal packaging. Additional benefits include downgauging potential and excellent organoleptics.

Exact plastomers are used extensively as impact modifiers in polypropylene and engineered polymers for automotive interior trim, bumpers and other parts. They are also useful in crack-resistant rigid packaging, high-impact consumer products, wire and cable applications and numerous industrial applications. Exact plastomers are sold as easy-to-blend pellets.

A new series of Exact plastomers uses ethylene butene (EB) as the comonomer. Exact EB plastomers meet the most demanding product specifications and may be substituted for octane grades after accommodating for potential shrinkage differences. These grades are well suited to current and future automotive requirements, and are supported by capacity expansions to ensure their place in new model build plans.

Exact plastomers are manufactured with ExxonMobil Chemical’s proprietary metallocene catalyst technology, which uses metallocene catalysts to ensure uniform and consistent polymers for greater strength, better sealing properties and improved clarity and cleanliness. Select Exact plastomers comply with a wide range of FDA food contact regulations.