Elevast™ adds permanence for sustained performance

Black thermoset rubber belt, CVJ boot, and hose together displayed on a table

Potential benefits

  • Long-term property retention
  • Extended service life of part
  • Higher-use temperature range
  • Reduced or eliminated bloom, bleeding and fogging

Key applications

  • Mechanical goods
  • Gaskets and seals, wiper blades
  • Wire and cable
  • Automotive - under hood, hoses
Chart shows the retention of properties of Elevast™ modiifed PEX as compared to neat PEX  when exposed to 100 degrees C temperatures for periods up to 5 weeks
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Adding Elevast™ polymer modifiers improves property retention and permanence in a range of applications.
Chart shows the improved retention of properties, post heat aging of Elevast™ polymer modifiers as compared to general process oils
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For sustained parts performance, consider adding Elevast™ polymer modifiers.