Elevast™  enhances plastics processability

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Potential benefits

  • Improved flow characteristics
  • Increased operating rates
  • Reduced cycle time and energy requirements
  • Less molded-in stress and better part appearance

Key applications

  • Automotive and appliance
  • Pipe and tubing
  • Wire and cable
  • Consumer and industrial


Chart highlights the improved output (up to 13%) that the addition of Elevast™ polymer modifier can make in a compound when processing it
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Using Elevast™ polymer modifers may result in up to 13% more output than PEX-b.
Bar chart shows a 44% savings in energy consumption (specific energy) with a compound containing 3% Elevast™ polymer modifier versus neat PEX
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Using Elevast™ polymer modifiers can help save energy when processing plastics with reduced cycle time and energy requirements.