Elevast™ elevates polyolefin elastomer performance

Elevast polymer modifiers elevate the possibilities of rubber and thermoplastic elastomer innovation through improved polymer performance and processing advantages. The novel chemistry of Elevast may enable formulators to improve product performance and extend the product service life of EPDM and polyolefin elastomer compounds.


  • Extension of low-temperature service range
  • Increased permanence for long-term property retention
  • Exceptional compatibility with polyolefins
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability
  • Virtually colorless, odorless
  • Low specific gravity
  • Food contact clearance
  • Easily incorporated into polyolefin elastomers

Potential benefits

  • Elimination of blooming, bleeding, fogging and iridescence
  • Improved low- and high-temperature performance
  • Improved compression and tension set performance
  • Retention of hardness and better feel
  • Improved dispersion and mixing
  • Improved flow for reduced processing time and lower energy requirements