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Elevast™ applications and potential benefits

Elevast polymer modifiers are designed to enhance the performance and processability of a broad range of polymer systems and applications. Elevast is highly compatible with a variety of polyolefin polymers and has been used to modify a number of formulations based on non-polyolefin polymers.

Elevast polymer modifiers elevate the possibilities for improved polymer performance, processing advantages and extended product-service life. Please contact us to discuss your polymer application and specific requirements.

automotive and appliance

Benefit from increased flow characteristics, enhanced flexibility and ductility, less molded-in stress and improved part appearance, improved retention of aged properties, and elimination of bloom, bleeding, fogging and iridescence.

wire and cable

Benefit from exceptional electrical properties, increased bending flexibility, excellent cold-temperature performance, improved processing for halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) formulations and easy cabling and installation in the field.

industrial and mechanical goods

Benefit from increased operating rate, extended service life of parts, improved elasticity of rubber goods, expanded service temperature range and better cross-linking efficiency.

packaging and consumer products

Benefit from increased flow characteristics, enhanced toughness and tear resistance, improved flexibility, better surface aesthetics and food contact clearance.

pipe and tubing

Benefit from reduced coil memory, excellent bending flexibility, easy cabling and installation in the field and improved kink resistance.