Exxon™ butyl rubber: the material of choice for a variety of applications


  • Innertubes for tires and bicycles
  • Tire curing bladders
  • Tire curing envelopes (new and retreads)
  • Adhesives
  • Sports ball bladders
  • Comfortable sports handle grips
  • Automotive vibration damping
  • Protective clothing

Tire innertubes were the first major use of butyl rubber and remain a significant market today for bias and radial tires. Radial truck tube-type tires are particularly common and are even preferred over tubeless radial tires in many applications such as severe service and off-road.

Exxon butyl rubber is still used extensively for innertubes in countries where the road infrastructure is not highly developed and in low-speed tire applications such as construction, farm equipment, recreational and military vehicles. It is also used in new tire manufacturing for curing bladders and in tire retreading for curing envelopes.

Lower right corner of automotive tire curing bladder
Portion of mountain bike tire with two spokes