industrial consumer construction window

Building and construction

Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) offer cost-effective options for a range of industrial products to be used in construction projects, from freeway overpasses to the tallest skyscrapers.

Looking straight up at a tall, all glass faced office building

Santoprene TPV is selected for curtain wall, storefront, architectural window and skylight weatherseal applications.


Santoprene TPV is used to create high performing long-term seals, gaskets and grommets in plumbing applications that are resistant to flex fatigue, harsh temperatures and chemicals.

Night photo of glowing, well-lit windows of a spacious model home on  the green of a golf course

Santoprene TPV supports exceptionally low air and water infiltration ratings for the life of window and door systems.

Aerial view of several intertwined highway overpasses looking like spaghetti junction

Reduce costs and add service life to expansion joints with Santoprene TPV.