Liquid packaging film

Exceed™ XP performance polymers produce extremely damage resistant films which are being used to create high-integrity liquid packaging. Performance that is essential to protect and preserve the integrity of the liquid products that people buy —from manufacturing through the rigors of transportation to utilization.

When eXtreme Performance matters use Exceed XP performance polymers

Packaging integrity
Liquid packaging films made with Exceed XP exhibit the exceptional flex-crack resistance and toughness required to absorb the shock and mitigate the risk of pinhole propagation caused by the repeated movement of liquids. This, combined with excellent sealing performance, minimizes product leakage, spoilage and waste from production through to the consumer.

Innovation opportunities
Film converters can create new-to-the-world or improve current packaging solutions for applications including:

  • Bag-in-box bladder film
  • Flexi-tank container liner film
  • Pillow and stand-up pouch film

Using Exceed XP eliminates the need for high cost elastomers and provides opportunities to replace coextruded film structures with mono-layer extrusion structures while improving performance compared to market reference films.

Cost optimization
Exceed XP provides processability with exceptional mechanical performance, combinations which allow for optimized film formulations. The outstanding flex-crack resistance and toughness of the films negates the need for high cost polymers; additionally, film formulations can be tailored through linear polyethylene blends or through downgauging.

Extreme performance rugby player

Exceed XP offers a new performance benchmark for extremely damage resistant films