Wire Cable Electrical Connectors

Vistalon™ EPDM rubber offers dependable performance for medium-voltage components in extremely demanding environments.

With excellent wet electrical properties, outstanding flexibility and a long service life, Vistalon™ ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber delivers stable performance for medium-voltage components that need to function effectively in extremely demanding environments.

For insulation layers in low and medium electrical cables, Vistalon EPDM offers fast cross-linking for high extrusion speed. The grades are available in pellet form, allowing easy mixing and extrusion.

Vistalon 1703P and 722 EPDM grades are well suited for medium-voltage electrical cables. Vistalon 722, 7001, 5601 and 8731 EPDM grades are recommended as insulation layers for a variety of specialty low voltage cables.

Other elastomeric solutions

Consider Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) for low-voltage insulation, jacketing and electrical connectors, and Vistamaxx™ perfrormance polymers to enhance polyolefin blends for highly flexible electrical applications.

Vistalon EPDM rubber formulations for electrical components

Formulations for low- and medium-voltage cable insulation and jacketing used in the most demanding environments