A successful show at China Inter Lubric 2013

A highly visible and attractive booth at the hall entrance, fascinating “moving gears” exhibits that drew a constant stream of visitors into the booth and three public seminars that attracted near full-house attendance. All of these contributed to ExxonMobil Chemical’s strong presence at China Inter Lubric 2013 in Guangzhou recently, affirming its leadership in the industry.

ExxonMobil Chemical also launched its first-ever Chinese edition of the new Synthetic Lubricant Base Stocks Formulations Guide at the show. “This guide, together with our dedicated technical expertise in China, can help our customers in China and Asia Pacific to develop differentiated synthetic lubricants,” said Brad Rinderknecht, Synthetics Global Marketing Manager.

At the well-attended seminars, Amy Long, Marketing Technical Services Supervisor presented the case on how SpectraSyn Elite™ mPAO improves energy efficiency and how Synnestic AN offers innovative solutions to lubricant formulators.

View the resources at the following links to learn more about the advanced portfolio of synthetic lubricant base stocks - including the new Formulation Guide - that the company showcased at China Inter Lubric.

ExxonMobil Chemical: a leader in synthetic lubricant base stocks

  • innovation: ExxonMobil Chemical’s industry-leading research and development team has established a long track record for developing new molecules for synthetic base stocks and bringing those molecules to market.
  • market experience: ExxonMobil Chemical’s employees have a wealth of experience working with lubricant formulators, so they can proactively identify optimized base stock solutions. A detailed knowledge of evolving lubricant specifications and regulations allows lubricant formulators to support engines with higher energy efficiency, longer drain intervals and improved equipment reliability.
  • supply capabilities: ExxonMobil Chemical’s ability to reliably supply products anywhere in the world is unmatched. Look for forthcoming information about a new manufacturing facility for metallocene polyalphaolefins (mPAOs) at its Baytown, Texas site.

SpectraSyn Elite™ mPAO

Choose from two grades
of high-performance, Hi Vis PAO.

Close-up of the inside of a car with the driver 's hands on the steering wheel and shifter as they drive down a road with other cars

Our comprehensive portfolio of products can help formulators optimize efficiency in today’s demanding vehicle engines.

Heavy duty earth moving dump truck and front end loader working in an above ground mine

Choose from our broad portfolio of synthetic lubricant base stocks to capture performance benefits that translate into higher operating efficiency.