Somentor™ keeps your business rolling.

Selected fluids for your cold rolling aluminum industry needs.


If you are involved in cold rolling aluminum, please click here to schedule an appointment with Keith Irvine during the Arabal conference event or contact him at Keith is available to meet you and answer any questions you may have about our Somentor products.

Find out why the rolling aluminum industry needs a high-purity hydrocarbon fluid alternative to overcome the limitations of kerosene-type base products as rolling oils. Learn how ExxonMobil Chemical Somentor delivers optimal processing capabilities and consistency of performance for your business.

ExxonMobil Chemical offers two products to the cold rolling aluminum industry under the Somentor name with the following characteristics:

  • clean annealing properties
  • suitability for the production of food packaging material
  • very low aromatic content
  • low odor

Come and learn about our Somentor rolling oils.

Somentor 32

• Somentor 34